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Little Rock Commercial Plumbing Repair

Your business needs regular and timely Little Rock commercial plumbing repair and maintenance. Benefits you stand to gain include

  • Minimal disruptions to business operations: Plumbing problems such as flooding due to clogged drains will disrupt your business. Repairs and maintenance also give you peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on running your business.
  • Keeping water bills low: Leaky pipes will lead to exaggerated water bills.
  • Keeping electricity bills low: Inefficient heaters and boilers will lead to exaggerated electricity bills.
  • Compliance with Little Rock, Arkansas, and federal reporting and inspection codes, laws, and regulations: There are penalties for lack of following the relevant codes, laws and regulations.
  • Improved air quality: Moisture build up due to such problems as under slab leaks lead to mold formation, which negatively impacts the air quality and which can cause such upper respiratory tract problems as asthma.
  • Longer plumbing lifespan: Regular repairs and maintenance means problems will be caught before they exacerbate. This will help save you money.
  • Safety: Gas line explosions are dangerous and can even bring down the building. Flooding issues can also lead to electrocution and other problems.

Our Little Rock commercial plumbing repair company offers comprehensive plumbing services to ensure your business is always up and running. Below are just a few examples where plumbing repair and maintenance can help your business.


Grease Trap Cleaning

If your business is involved in food preparation, you will most likely have a grease trap. A grease trap is used to intercept FOG (fats, oils, and grease) before they reach the sewer. Little Rock commercial plumbing repair company in Little Rock AR will do regular cleaning of your drain traps to prevent drain backup and fines for violating health codes.


Leak repairs

Our Little Rock commercial plumbers will work on both visible and invisible leaks (such as under slab leaks and leaks on walls). This is important as it helps prevent plumbing, mold formation, low water pressure, and exaggerated water bills.


Water Heater and Boiler Repair

Our commercial plumbers in Little Rock AR do regular back-flushing of water heaters to reduce scale build up. We also do the more completed boiler cleaning as well as regular heather and boiler inspections, servicing, and adjustment.


Fixture replacement

We will replace broken or old fixtures such as leaky faucets. These replacements bring down water and electricity bills. Our team will advise you when a replacement makes more sense than Little Rock commercial plumbing repair.