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Little Rock Boiler Installation Repair

Boilers are expensive and you should do everything possible to ensure their longevity and to prevent regular breakdown. Problems associated with poor boiler maintenance include pilot failure, inefficient burner operation, dry fire, and cracking. Caring for a boiler begins at the installation stage. If this is bungled, there is a risk you will have future boiler problems. Our Little Rock boiler installation services and Little Rock boiler repair services ensure your boiler is always healthy. So, what are our responsibilities?


Safety inspections

During boiler repair or boiler replacement services in Little Rock AR, our plumber check if all safety valves and devices are in good working condition.


Checking the low water cut offs

During Little Rock boiler installation services, repairs and inspections, they disassemble the low water cut offs to inspect the wiring and where necessary, remove the probe for cleaning. They remove sediments from the cut off cross piping and do slow drain tests of the cut offs.



During boiler repair services in Little Rock AR, we will inspect the sight glasses and replace them if need be. We will also remove and clean blower fan (in the case of a power burner) or atmospheric burners. We will also clean, inspect, and set the pilot assembly, pressure switches, and controls.


Tests and analysis

Our team has the tools, equipment and training necessary to test the air switch during boiler repair and boiler installation services in Little Rock AR. We will also do combustion analysis as well as other tests.


Checking the fuel passages

We do this to determine if the boiler is burning properly after Little Rock boiler replacement services or during routine inspections. If we notice soot in the flame passage, this is indicative of insufficient combustion air or the system may be running rich. If there is moisture in the vent pipe, the system could be running too cool.


Checking the vent pipe

We will inspect the vent pipe, looking for white, powdery residue that may have been left behind after condensation. Condensate is very acidic and it can eat through the material making up the vent. After our Little Rock boiler installation services, will advise you on the stack temperatures you should maintain to prevent this (these are usually above manufacturer minimums).