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Little Rock Commercial Water Heaters

We have a team that is trained and licensed to do commercial water heater repair in Little Rock AR. If you have an old inefficient water heater, we advise you to install a new model to save money on heating costs and repairs. You should, however, not go for the first water heater you come across – some are better than others. Below are the qualities that make good Little Rock commercial water heaters.

  1. FHR and GPM

Consider the FHR (first-hour rating) if you want a storage-tank water heater and the GPM (gallons-per-minute rating) for a tank less water heaters. This will tell you how much hot water the heater is capable of delivering over the first hour.

  1. Capacity, type, and other personal requirements

Different water heater uses have different water capacity requirements and your choice should, therefore, be based on your particular requirements. Observe your water usage to determine the capacity you require. A family of one or two requires 30 gallons while one of over 5 people needs around 80 gallons.

The major types of Little Rock commercial water heaters are storage tank, tank less (on-demand), and heat pump (hybrid) water heaters. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks and is ideal for different situations. As an example, if you have limited space to work with, you need a tank less water heater which is briefcase-sized.

  1. Warranty

A good water heater manufacturer will have an extended warranty. Consider the duration of the warranty and the specifics of what is covered. You expect warranty ranging from 3 to 12 years. Note you will pay more for models with longer warranties.

  1. Anti-Scale Devices

Unless you are buying a tank less water heater, you need one with anti-scale devices. These devices reduce the buildup of mineral scale at the bottom of a tank, which is important since the scale can shorten the life of the heating element.

  1. ENERGY STAR Rating

Go for a water heater that has ENERGY STAR rating as it will be energy efficient. It also helps you contrite towards protecting the environment.

  1. Accessories

Today’s Little Rock commercial water heaters come with many accessories. These include expansion tanks, timers, water alarms, water heater blankets, stands, and pans, and even Wi-Fi. Go for the one with the features you need.

  1. Fuel type

The most common water heater fuels are electric, gas/propane, or hybrid. The choice should be based on availability and cost of the fuel.

  1. Cost

When choosing between commercial water heaters in Little Rock AR, cost considerations should be secondary. Brand name water heaters tend to cost more, but they will give you better service and it will not need Little Rock commercial water heater repair every now and then.