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Little Rock Drain Clog & Sewer Stoppage Cleaning Services

A big percentage of the calls we get are for our Little Rock drain clog cleaning services. Although we don’t mind the business, we believe it is our responsibility to guide you on how to prevent drain clogs in the first place. Below we give you tips on how to do this, and on the actions we can take to ensure you stay longer without requiring our Little Rock drain cleaning services.

  • It is difficult to know when you are about to have a drain clog. You should, therefore, inspect your drains regularly. Our sewer stoppage cleaning services in Little Rock AR also include inspections where we look at the actual drain components, look for signs of moisture around or on the drain grate, and look for signs of standing water inside the drain.
  • Even when there are no visible signs of a drain clog, this does not mean you are safe. Our drain cleaning services in Little Rock AR includes the use of cameras that snake down the drain pipe to see if there are obstructions like tree roots.
  • One of the biggest contributors to clogging is grease because it does not mix with water. You can avoid grease in the plumbing by installing a grease trap and having an alternative method of disposing of grease.
  • Reduce the use of the garbage disposal because water from the system goes straight into the drain. Garbage disposal systems contribute to clogging because food ends up down the drain. Use the dustbin for all leftovers.
  • Do regular hydro jetting. This is one of our most popular Little Rock drain clog cleaning services. It involves passing a jet of water at high pressure to dislodge all clogs. Other methods we use in our drain clog cleaning services in Little Rock AR are the use of chemical drain cleaners and snaking.
  • Consider using enzymes for monthly drain treatment. Enzymes heap “eat” scum, soap, and other gunk. Once you mix up enzymes, warm the drain by running hot water and then pour the enzymes down the drain. After the treatment, run hot water down the drain to run the gunk down the drain.
  • Avoid hair in the drain because it does not disintegrate quickly. You should, therefore, not brush your hair sink or toilet. Consider using a plastic hair catcher.

Call our plumbers for Little Rock sewer stoppage cleaning services the moment you notice a clogging problem to avoid exacerbating the problem.