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Little Rock Hydro Jetting Services

The major drain cleaning methods used by Little Rock plumbers are the use of chemical cleaners, plumbing snaking, and hydro jetting. We usually use hydro jetting. Some of our competitors use snaking and chemical drain cleaners, but our Little Rock hydro jetting services have several benefits over these methods.


Benefits over Snaking

Unlike snaking, hydro jetting removes all clogs. Snaking only cleans the drain in the middle and does nothing for the sides of the drain. The force from the water during our hydro jetting services in Little Rock AR is such that it dislodges all attached items, including roots, grease, oils, and fats, which snaking cannot remove. This makes this the ideal drain cleaning method in garages, restaurants, and other businesses that use oils, grease, and fats.

Although drain cleaning is more expensive than piping, you actually save money with it because it cleans the piping completely, meaning you the pipe will last much longer and you do not have to hire a plumber for regular Little Rock drain cleaning plumbing services.

You get greater reach with hydro jetting Little Rock drain cleaning services because the water, at high pressure, is more ‘fluid’ and can reach places where snaking or chemical cleaners can never reach.


Benefits over Chemical Cleaners

If you care about the environment, go for our Little Rock hydro jetting services because only water is used. The chemicals used in chemical cleaners are usually very strong and they can end up contaminating the water table or even injuring you or the plumber.

Despite the high pressure, hydro jetting service in Little Rock AR is generally safe for most pipes. It is indeed safer than chemical cleaners which can damage your PVC and polyvinyl chloride pipes by softening them. Hydro jetting only uses water.

There are several situations where you can use plumbing snaking plumbing services in Little Rock AR.

  • If you have a minor clog
  • When a specific item has gotten stuck in the drain and the plunger cannot unclog the drain
  • If you have older, fragile pipes

We first inspect the piping before our Little Rock hydro jetting services to determine if they can withstand the rigors of the high pressure.