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Little Rock Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Services

Hydrostatic pressure testing is the most popular method of evaluating the integrity of vessels, components, and assemblies and verifying the pressure rating. Our Little Rock hydrostatic pressure testing services effectively detect leaks and weak areas.

Very high pressures are used for hydrostatic pressure testing. According to ASME Section VIII Division I, the pressure should be 1.5 times the design pressure. This means if your piping is designed to carry water at 1.0 kg/cm2.g pressure, the test should be done at 1.5 kg/cm2.g. Given the high pressure used and the nature of the test (hydrostatic pressure gear store energy), it is necessary you take safety precautions for your safety, that of our plumbers, and to protect your piping, property and building. Below is our recommended safety checklist.

  1. We tie all hoses down so application of pressure does not dislodge them and injure someone or destroy property.
  2. Only authorized and highly experienced plumbers offer hydrostatic pressure testing services in Little Rock AR. The team wears proper safety gear.
  3. The water we use in our Little Rock hydrostatic pressure testing services is always more than 60 F for safety reasons.
  4. We calibrate and test pressure gauges and other components regularly and temporary tools like valves, flanges, blind plates, and hoses that are rated more than the maximum hydrostatic pressure.
  5. Our hydrostatic-pressure pumps come with safety relief valve, so pressure is relieved in case of a problem.
  6. At our hydrostatic pressure testing company in Little Rock AR, plumbers are under instruction to remove all air from the pipe or vessel before the test.
  7. If there are any leak points, our plumbers will identify them and mend them before the test commences. Note that these leaks are not only a safety risk, but you will also not get accurate results since some of the pressure will go out through the spaces.
  8. It is the policy of our Little Rock hydrostatic pressure testing company to do pressurization slowly. Doing this quickly can damage the pipe or vessel and it can cause accidents (such as loose bolts being dislodged and thrown in the air).
  9. We advise you to be away from the sight and level glass – avoid the common temptation of monitoring pressurization directly near these glasses.
  10. Once the test is done, we will slowly de-pressurize the vessel by opening the vent valve. We will under no circumstances open the drain valve before the vent valve is open to avoid creating a vacuum inside the vessel.

During our Little Rock hydrostatic pressure testing services, we open the lowest drain point to remove water. Before we leave, we ensure there is no pressure still trapped inside the pipe or vessel.