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Little Rock Industrial Plumbing Service Repair

Once you enlist our services for Little Rock industrial plumbing service, we will draw a contract. The contract (or agreement) is meant to protect you and us. If you are doing industrial plumbing maintenance in Little Rock AR, below is what you expect in the contract.


Description of the work

The contract will describe the scope of the Little Rock industrial plumbing maintenance work we will be doing. The description will also include the standard you should expect and special responsibilities such as clean up after the job. We try to be as detailed as possible to avoid conflict.


Specification of the schedule

Our contract will include the time it will take between the beginning and the end of the industrial plumbing repair service in Little Rock AR, including a breakdown of how long each specific task will take. We pride ourselves in completing the jobs we get within the stipulated time frame. Note we leave some margin for error since Little Rock industrial plumbing repair can be unpredictable.


The Price

We will include the cost of the project on the contract, including labor and materials. The contract will also specify the down payment and a remittance schedule so you know when to pay. The contract will detail if payment will be per hour or per project. We offer very competitive rates.



An important component of our contracts for plumbing maintenance in Little Rock AR is the penalties each side stands to incur should it fail to meet its contractual obligations. The contract will include penalties we shall incur should we fail to deliver on the job, to meet the stipulated standards, and to fall behind the schedule. It will also include the penalties you will incur should you fail to pay or to pay in good time.


Other responsibilities

In the contract, we will stipulate that you are responsible to provide us access to the work area/s and to working electrical outlets and to remove or protect personal belongings near and in the working area.

We offer warranties for some Little Rock Industrial plumbing repair jobs and where we do, this will be included in the contract. Both parties have to sign the contract for it to be legally binding.