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Little Rock New Plumbing Installation Service

Plumbing that is done without proper planning can go awfully wrong. Possible problems include going over budget, messing up the timelines, conflict with your schedule, and even injuries. We do proper planning before our Little Rock new plumbing installation service and also involve you so that we understand exactly what you want and to avoid having to make costly changes mid-project.


Understanding the scope

The first step by our Little Rock new plumbing installation company is to understand the scope of the project. We will request you to describe exactly what you want. We will also want to know what your budget is so we can plan around it. Our experienced plumbers may give suggestions where they feel such suggestions would help. As an example, they may advice you on the best piping to use given your particular circumstances.


Drawing up the contract

We draw contracts for all our Little Rock new plumbing design services. A Little Rock new plumbing installation services contract protects you and us. It will describe such things as timelines, the expected quality of work, cost and payment schedule, and penalties if either party fails to meet its obligations.


Preparing the site for the installation

Once the contract has been drawn up, our new plumbing installation services in Little Rock AR begin. We will visit the site and prepare it for the installation. We will bring in all the necessary materials, tools, and equipment. We will identify what needs to be moved to clear the space for installation, remove the plaster or drywall where we will lay the plumbing, and shut off power where wires may be interfered with.


Lay the piping and other fixtures

We start the installation not with the fixture being installed, but with piping, drain, vent lines, and other supporting fixtures. The plumbers in our new plumbing design company in Little Rock AR will have taken measurements so that everything fits in perfectly together.



We will then install the fixture. Our plumbers are under strict instruction to follow manufacturer specifications to avoid voiding the warranty. After installation, we will turn on the water and do all necessary tests (such as hydrostatic pressure tests for boilers). After the installation, the next step in our Little Rock new plumbing installation services is clean up to leave everything as it was.