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Little Rock Water Line & Water Main Leak Repair

The dangers of underground leaks include increased water bill, low water pressure, and the risk of contamination. Underground Little Rock water line leak repair is difficult given that they are inaccessible and pinpointing the location of the leak is difficult. As such, underground water line leak repair in Little Rock AR should be left to a professional.

Our plumbers have the training, experience, equipment, and tools necessary to do underground Little Rock water main leak repair. So, what does this involve?


Step 1

Once you call us with suspected underground water line leak, we will begin with our water line leak detection services in Little Rock AR. The inspection starts with a thorough scrutiny of the yard to determine the general locality of the leak. In most cases, the location of the leak will be muddy.


Step 2

After our Little Rock water line leak detection services, we will file an Emergency Excavation Notice and begin the process of identifying and marking all underground gas, water, communication, and gas utilities.


Step 3

Next, our plumbers will turn off the water at the mains on the street. This is the meter that is usually found at the sidewalk.


Step 4

We will then dig the suspected leak area and do water main leak repair in Little Rock AR. We do this very slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the rest of the pipe and other utility lines. Our plumbers will orient the shovel along the buried line (and not across) until there is full exposure to avoid causing damage. We do not use mechanical tools for this. Note whereas water lines are usually 36 to 42 inches deep, phone and cable lines are found within 24 inches.


Step 5

Once the suspected area has been exposed, our plumber will turn on the water supply for a few seconds to help identify the exact location of the leak.


Step 6

We use different methods to do Little Rock water line leak repair (based on the extent of the leak and the piping material). These include spot repairs such as gluing and soldering or replacement of an entire piping segment.


Step 7

The last step in Little Rock water line leak repair is turning the water supply back on to see if the leak has been successfully mended. Our team will then cover the exposed area.